Top 5 Benefits of Epsom Salt

Top 5 Benefits of Epsom Salt

Have you ever realized that all float tanks are filled with Epsom salt? Perhaps you’re wondering why use Epsom salt instead of table salt or sea salt. Are these salts the same? Well, not all salts are chemically the same, and each salt is used for a specific purpose.

Epsom salt is commonly used in floatation therapy Toronto because of its benefits to both humans and the float tanks. It’s less corrosive compared to other salts, and thus, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting during evaporation. Epsom salt is less harsh on human skin and benefits it in many ways. It’s also known as magnesium sulphate, and that means magnesium is a more significant component in this compound.

Humans need magnesium for their bodies to function properly. It’s a macro-elements just like potassium, calcium, and sodium. You need it in large amounts, and one way of getting it is by soaking yourself in floatation tanks. Here are the tops benefits of Epsom salt.

1.  Minimizes Stress

When stressed, the level of adrenaline in your body increases, resulting in a decrease in magnesium levels. Epsom salt contains higher levels of magnesium, and thus, it restores the required level of magnesium. This reduces the level of adrenaline rushing through your body and allows you to relax.

2.  Eases Muscle Pain

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, an expert at Yo San University, asserts that magnesium enhances blood circulation. Having enough blood and oxygen in your muscles reduces muscle spasms and cramps resulting in faster muscle healing. This is the primary reason most athletes soak sore and strained muscles in Epsom salt baths.

3.  Relieves Constipation

For decades, small amounts of Epsom salt have been used as an effective natural saline laxative. Once it enters your bloodstream, Epsom salt relaxes the muscles around your colon and gut. It also softens the stool. The bottom line is, Epsom salt is an effective way of enhancing your digestion.

4.  Softens Skin and Hair

Magnesium plays an integral role in keeping your hair strands strong and healthy. Also, it keeps your skin and hair hydrated and looking healthy. If your body lacks the right level of magnesium, your skin and hair become dry and weak. Thus, by boosting the magnesium intake, your skin becomes healthier and softer. Your hair will also become stronger and less brittle.

5.  Flushes Toxins from your Body

Magnesium catalyzes the production of ATP, a compound that acts as energy for your body cells. If your cells have enough ATP, they have the right amount of energy to expel all toxins. That means magnesium can help your body to detoxify as it prevents body cells from holding onto mineral deposits such as calcium.

6.  Helps your Nerves to Function Properly

Research has revealed that Epsom salt can help regulate electrolytes within your body. This ensures proper functioning of your nerves, enzymes, and muscles. Magnesium, the main component of Epsom salt, is known to play an integral role in regulating the absorption and use of calcium.