About us – Sensory Deprivation Float Room

Welcome to the Float Room

You’re about to experience the most relaxing thing you’ve ever done in your life. Most people take the first floating session and can’t wait to come back. In fact, for many of us at Float Room in Toronto, that’s how we started this journey. We strive to provide the best floating centre for our clients. A place where they can enjoy privacy and total relaxation with modern isolation tanks. The Float Room was born out of a desire to help people experience the physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy. From athletes who need a relief from muscle tension to arthritis and back patients who are looking for better pain management solutions, Float Room welcomes you all.

We believe that the floatation technique can bring great benefits for everyone. By simply lying down in a spacious tank, you get to enjoy a simple yet amazingly powerful meditation. We know that the flotation technique is extremely versatile, and some people prefer going about it in a different way. That’s why we give individuals an opportunity to relax and get accustomed to the environment before turning off the lights or music.

Whether you’re drawn to floating as a relief from physical pain and discomfort or simply to experience some peace, we promise to exceed all your expectations. We’ve received numerous testimonials from clients on how floating has helped them become more creative, focus better and improve their sleeping patterns. We know that you’ll fall in love with floating and that it will be your new-found meditation and relaxation activity.

Our goal

We strive to make floating a simple and accessible therapy to everyone in Toronto. We take it upon ourselves to educate the community on the importance of floatation therapy and improve our centre to make it the best in the region. We are fully committed to giving clients the best possible experience; that’s why we invest in modern equipment and techniques. We have partnered with the best tank manufacturers in the industry to deliver an exceptional floating experience. If you have any suggestions on how we can make Float Room better for you, we’re happy to listen.

You don’t have to be worried about issues such as hygiene when using our tanks. We clean them and filter out all the water 3 times between each float. We use high-quality filters to keep the floating tank properly sanitized. Plus, the Epsom salt which is contained in the water is a powerful disinfectant. Additionally, we offer you the privacy you need to enjoy a great floating experience. You get your own private shower and changing area before floating or after leaving the tank. You can lock the float room door from inside. You’re also able to walk in and out of the tank as you please. Before you begin, we’ll walk you through the floating experience and offer recommendations on how to make it as effective as possible. The float room is beautifully designed with a spacious interior to ensure you are comfortable especially for those individuals who are claustrophobic.

Our Core Values

Float Room was founded with three core values: health, clarity, and peace.

Good health

Our main goal is to help people improve their physical health. By giving our customers a unique floating experience, we not only help them to relieve muscle tension but also become more creative, manage pain better, get better sleep among other physical benefits. We know that floating can help strengthen the immune system and increase the levels of endorphins in the body creating a better mood. Through floating, we have helped some of our clients begin or maintain their weight-loss regimen. We take pride in knowing that our therapy has helped people get rid of bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking and experience higher energy levels with less fatigue.

Experience unmatched clarity

We give our clients an opportunity to enter deep meditation and stay away from distractions. At Float Room, we have invested in light-proof and sound-proof tanks that are designed to help you destress and recharge. You’ll get to appreciate the mental benefits of floating such as reduced stress levels, enhanced productivity, and improved sleep.

Experience peace

After going about your day to day life, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. We give you that opportunity to leave all that away and simply relax. We know that everyone deserves a moment of peace and we give you just that at our sensory deprivation float room. You get to enjoy a moment with yourself and not even gravity can come your way.


How often are the tanks cleaned?

We use high-quality modern filters 3 times between each float. The isolation tub is also germ-free given that Epsom salts are in high concentration in water and they are known to be a natural disinfectant. We also add hydrogen peroxide, in small amounts to keep the tank sanitized.

What if I don’t like being enclosed in a small space?

For people who are claustrophobic, we have designed a unique float tank that is spacious with adequate room. You can also leave the door open until you get accustomed to the environment. In fact, we’ve had clients who are claustrophobic, and they have undergone the sessions successfully and even reported how it helped relieve those symptoms.

How well are the tanks maintained?

We keep clean tanks by using cleaning agents and filters after every use. Extensive maintenance on the tanks is done every week and we only use accepted disinfectants in the right quantities. We replace the entire volume of water and Epsom salt after 10 weeks.

Can you float after you’ve dyed your hair?

We recommend floating a few weeks or a month after dyeing your hair just to ensure that the water running through your hair is clear.

What should I do to prepare for floating?

Avoid consuming coffee a couple of hours before floating as it can make your system nervous. Also, avoid shaving or waxing before you float and make sure you eat a good meal at least an hour before so that you don’t feel hungry.

What if I don’t want water in my ears?

You can use earplugs, which are available at our isolation float room. We also provide a solution that you can use to rinse out your ears in case the salty water gets in accidentally.