How to Overcome Claustrophobia and Enjoy your First Float

How to Overcome Claustrophobia and Enjoy your First Float

For most people, the primary concern about floating is whether or not they will experience claustrophobia in the float tank. According to most first-time floaters, once you’re inside the float tank, you are likely to feel as if you are in a large, infinite space. Some people are always afraid of that first-time feeling and shy away from floatation therapy. If you want to experience the amazing benefits of floatation therapy, there are important steps you should take to overcome claustrophobia and have the best floatation therapy.

Step 1: Crack the Float Tank Door

Sometimes, being in the dark might feel confining, disorienting, and even overwhelming especially during your first therapy. Being unable to see the float tank’s door can make you feel trapped, and probably start thinking that you will never get out. Therefore, leaving the tank’s door cracked makes it easier for you to remember where the door is and feel free (not trapped) because there is a way out of the tank.

Step 2: Don’t Turn Off the Light

Some float tanks have a light inside. If you’re using such a tank and you’re afraid of being in the dark alone, don’t turn off the light during the entire floatation therapy. While this isn’t the actual sensory deprivation session, leaving the light on can help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and more confident until you can turn it off.

Step 3: Place your Hands on the Float Tank’s Wall

To help yourself stay focused and trust that you’re safe, stretch your hands out to the edges of the edges of the float tank Toronto or even lift them above your head. Being aware of where you are can help you stay calm, and with time, you will be able to turn off the light and lay without worry.

Step 4: Focus on Breathing

Floatation therapy is about calming your mind and meditation. If you feel your fears and thought are beginning to take over, focus on your breathing to get everything under control. You can inhale for at least five counts then exhale for five counts. This will make you calm down, relax, kick out fear, and propel you into an in-depth meditation session.

Step 5: Consider Taking a Warm Pre-float Shower

Since you must shower before you begin your therapy, use this shower time to keep calm, relaxed, and attain the right headspace before your float therapy. Instead of rushing, take a warm shower and ensure that you’re fully relaxed before you step into the float tank.

Step 6: Remember You’re Always in Control

According to experts, this is the most important step in overcoming claustrophobia. There has never been the best way to float and if you feel you can’t continue with the therapy, step out of the tank. If you need light while inside the tank, shine the brightest light you can place your hands on. Being in control helps you stay calm and relaxed, and that enables you to overcome the fear of being in the float tank. With time, you will be able to get into the float tank, turn off the light, relax, and enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy.