3 Myths about Floating Busted

3 Myths about Floating Busted

Probably you have heard about sensory deprivation and know the positive impact of this therapy. Most people have benefited from this therapy yet, you still doubt its effectiveness, or you’re scared of a few things associated with floatation therapy Toronto. Here are three common misconceptions that might be holding you back from taking advantage of this amazing therapy.

1.You’re Too Claustrophobic to Get Into a Sensory Deprivation

This is the most common fear that prevents most people from getting started with the therapy. To dispute this widespread belief, let’s analyze claustrophobia and floatation tanks, and you will realize that it’s easy to start this form of therapy.

According to experts, claustrophobia is simply an extreme fear of confined spaces, particularly the feeling of being trapped somewhere and suffocated. In a floatation tank, you are safe and in control of what’s happening around you. Space is perfectly ventilated, and you can exit whenever you want. The feeling is just like being on a comfortable bed, in a very quiet room, plus an amazing sensation of weightlessness.

Besides, the float tank’s door opens easily from the inside. No door latch could lock you inside. Therefore, the fear of getting trapped and suffocated in a float tank is baseless. If you’re interested in the sensory deprivation, it’s time to get started.

2. You Can’t Spend 90 Minutes Doing Nothing in a Dark Tank

Spending an hour and a half laying in a float tank goes against the value everyone attributes to productivity and efficiency. However, taking into account the revitalization and restfulness associated with floatation therapy, the benefits of spending an hour and a half floating outweigh the costs.

Feeling stressed, tired, and sometimes overstimulated are some of the common symptoms of today’s fast-paced lifestyle that glorifies ‘busy life’ that’s littered with endless binging gadgets. All these distractions and stressful events are eliminated in the float tank. The tank lacks light, eliminating the visual stimuli. Besides, you’re floating in Epsom salt water solution at body temperature, eliminating your sense of touch.

Spending some time in such an environment eases you out of daily stress and overstimulation, offering you a chance to rest and relax. It also boosts your mental creativity, productivity, and innovation.

3. You Can Easily Fall Asleep and Drown

Well, you can fall asleep in a float tank, but don’t worry about turning and drowning. Note that you will be laying on your back in a water solution containing about 900 pounds of Epsom salt and you will be floating effortlessly. Since there are no pressure points that necessitate turning you can be sure to remain in the same position for a very long time.

Besides, the water is shallow (about 10 inches deep) and given the amount of Epsom salt in, you can’t fail to float. Sensory deprivation isn’t like swimming where you must expend a lot of energy to stay afloat. In addition to the weightlessness feeling, floating busted in this solution helps you unwind after a busy schedule.